Pond Creek Dams

Our beautiful ladies are sure to give you the best puppies possible.  Just take a look at our lineup of dams and see if you are not as impressed as we are with their heritage and looks.  You won't find a better looking group of ladies anywhere.


Amber is our beautiful yellow girl. She loves to run, fetch and rule the roost. She’s easy going but a tad bossy lol. Amber had a litter of chocolates and yellows last year and we look forward to her next litter with the same breeding.


Our cherry chocolate girl is a gem. She is (sf) silver factored which means she carries the dilute silver gene. She is an incredible athlete! She can jump, swim non stop, retrieve in and out of the water and is a speed demon! She loves to beat the boys at anything and everything and most of the time, she does! She is clear on lab prone diseases and her parents are OFA good. Cherry has given us some gorgeous, intelligent, retrieving crazy puppies. She is one in a million.


Chessie is our beautiful chocolate girl. She uses her nose, she swims, she retrieves and she's beautiful on top of it. Chessie is also silver factored and is a wonderful mama to her babies.


Cher is a gorgeous silver factored yellow. She weighs around 70lbs and is a duck hunting machine. She has received a SHR title from UKC and, we believe, she has given us some of the most beautiful puppies we’ve ever had here at pond creek.


Blue is our chocolate sweetheart. She has a calm temperament but likes to play and soak up the love. She has a stout build, is a beautiful color and has produced some awesome pups for us. 

We Take Our Dogs Seriously

We are very careful in our breeding practices so that we can provide you with the healthiest, most beautiful Labradors in the US. All of our parents have a DNA health clearance and OFA results at the appropriate age for testing. Our Labs are spoiled rotten with love and care. You can rest assured that you are purchasing the best lab for you and your family that will give you many years of enjoyment.


Faith is our fabulous, full dilute charcoal girl. Faith would rather retrieve than eat. If she has no one to throw a ball for her she drops it down the basement steps herself and goes and gets it.


Annie is our stout, buff silver factored chocolate. She is revved up all the time and ready to conquer the world! Annie has gave us lots of wonderful puppies.

Upcoming Litter Announcement

To get the latest news on when we are expecting, just leave your email to be signed up to our news letters. We will only use your email to let you know when we are expecting a new litter.

All of our Dogs feature all these great benefits

All Dogs DNA Checked

All of our Dogs have been cleared of the most common Lab diseases

AKC Registration

All Dogs come with 
AKC registration 

Parents Pedigree

We know we have the best dogs because we know where they came from.  And now you do too.

18 Month Written Guarantee

We love these dogs and we know  they are the best you can get. We stand behind them.

Tammy was very honest in her dealings and we felt at home with her. We love our Maddie!

Up & Coming


Lacey is our extraordinary Champaign girl. She is full of energy, loves to play and still wants to be a lap dog. She’s growing into quite a beauty. Someday we expect some “out of this world” puppies from her. Her parents are our very own Timber & Faith.


Stella is our gorgeous silver girl. She’s growing up fast. Loving but sometimes a little stinker as well. We anxiously wait to see her future puppies.


We are so happy to have Ember with us at Pond Creek. She is the sister to Ebony, and carries the dilute gene. She is one of the sweetest, sassiest girls around. Started swimming at 7 weeks old and retrieving out of the water by 9 weeks. She is a born leader always the first to try new things.


We are so happy to have Ebony with us at Pond Creek. She is the sister to Ember, and carries the dilute gene. She prefers to be a lap dog if not following her sister.


Callie our silver lady will soon be joining the ranks of puppy parents. She has an unlimited supply of energy like the energizer bunny. For a lab she’s on the smaller size but has a huge personality. Hopefully babies in 2019.


Sky is our over the top charcoal girl. We say over the top because she never slows down. Whether she’s retrieving, playing or swimming she never wears out. Her puppies should have lots of stamina.

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