Great Breeder!

If you are looking for an excellent breeder who really cares for her dogs and their puppies then look no more! My husband did a lot of research before selecting Pond Creek Labradors and we could be more happy with the service and commitment that Tammy provides. She truly cares about you and her puppies!

Heather Burgess Ramsey

Beautiful Dog, Wonderful Communication

My furbaby is absolutely beautiful! Tammy was wonderful at getting back to me when I messaged her about the puppy she had available. We've kept in touch ever since because she loves these puppies so much it's only fair she knows how much we love them too and how well they are doing. I would recommend Pond Creek to anyone and plan on getting future labs from her as well.

Christi Von Alven Wojciechowski


All I can say is AMAZING. From the first inquire about a pup to today I have been impressed. The dogs are amazing as they should be, but you get so much more then great pups. The owner is just as incredible, the love she puts out for the pups shows. The entire setup tells me this is a great place. Communication is super, we have had just the best experience ever. If you are considering a Lab puppy, stop looking now and message Pond Creek , you won’t be sorry .

Curtis Wilcox

Thank you Tammy!

I have been researching different breeders for over a year in search of the perfect labrador. I found Pond Creek’s website and knew this would be the place I would find my dog. Pond Creek’s owner, Tammy is very passionate and determined to maintain the healthiest pack I have seen. These dogs are so balanced with looks, size, and intelligence. My chocolate lab is an offspring of cherry and Guage. Koda at 9 weeks old can do all the basic commands and is so well behaved. I contribute koda’s behavior and disposition to Tammy and the way she maintains her pack!! I can’t wait to purchase one more!! Thank you Tammy!

Judd Griffith

Reserve your new puppy today

We are excited to be able to offer such great Labradors.  These puppies have the best heritage in the Midwest and we stand behind each of our dogs for a full two years.  We have all the paper work on them and know that you will be completely satisfied.  Click the button below to reserve your next Labrador today.

Fortunate to have found Pond Creek!

Tammy is so amazing! Her facilities are the cleanest I have ever seen, the big dogs and little dogs are so well loved and cared for. Receiving daily interaction with people, daily snuggles and love. She sends pictures and videos, always keeps you up to date as you are anxiously awaiting to bring your puppy home. And then afterwards checks in to make sure puppy is doing well.
I don't have a lot of experience with breeders, but I've talked to people who have had experience, and I feel so fortunate to have found Pond Creek Labradors! It couldn't have been a better experience. Our little guy is settling into life so well and it's because he had an amazing beginning at Pond Creek Labradors.
Seriously I can't say enough, but if anyone has questions, please feel free to IM me I'll be glad to give you an earful about how wonderful this place is.

Rebekah Freisinger

So Much Love!

Could not be any more pleased with Tammy and Pond Creek Labs! I have had pure bred labs my entire life and not once have I met a breeder that has put this much love and caring into the process as Tammy does. Not to mention, she is also an incredibly wonderful person and is always willing to answer any questions you might have along the way. I can only hope that Tammy is still doing this down the road when I am looking for my next dog. In the meantime, I will stick to recommending her to ALL my family and friends ☺️ Stella and Shiloh love their Nana 🙏

Emily Schaid

Fortunate to have found Pond Creek!

Absolutely a perfect transaction. We got the perfect puppy from the perfect breeder! Tammy was quick to respond from the day I asked about the labs. She’s informative and helpful and the communication has been amazing. She understood why I wanted my little chocolate and set me up with my perfect girl. She still checks weekly and the love she has for labs is so apparent. Thank you, Tammy.

Dena Koontz Shaw

Great Breeder, Great Dog!

I highly recommend Pond Creek Labradors. I spent a lot of time researching breeders to find our new family member. We wanted not only a reputable breeder that had the best health & happiness of their dogs a priority but a clean well organized facility. The dedication & love for their dogs shows in their entire operation & after visiting you can tell how genuinely devoted they are to the health & happiness of their dogs. Everything is very clean, organized & in good repair. Tammy is always very responsive to any & all questions we have & we can not wait to pick up our little girl next week. My only regret is that I don't live closer to visit more often 🙂

Carol Cass Loftus

The Perfect Breeder!

Oh. My. Gosh. I could not have gone with a more perfect breeder. Tammy and her team are amazing. Every time I emailed her she got to be promptly with loving words. She let me come up at week four and pick out the my handsome boy. Moose and I just went to the vet. Dr. Tate said he could be healthier. If I get a lab again I am 100% going through Pond Creek Labs!

Lexi Easter

Can't Recommend enough!

I highly recommend Pond Creek Labs! Tammy was an absolute delight to work with from my very first phone call filled with so many questions to the day we picked up our sweet pup as we spent over an hour there chatting with her and seeing her beautiful property that she has set up so nicely for all of the dogs and the new puppies. Tammy is an honest person, with a kind heart, and she truly cares for each and every puppy and parent dog. She communicates throughout the entire process and sends pictures and videos of the tiny puppies. When we picked up our puppy, she held back tears. She feels attached to them, as she has helped to care for them since birth. Those puppies (the ones that weren't picked up yet) and the bigger dogs really do love her too! She is really good with them. She took us to meet our puppy's dad and grandmother. We played fetch with them and then she told them "go swimmin'!" and they ran so happily to towards the big pond and jumped in. These dogs have a good thing going there and that's what I felt was very important in my search for a Labrador breeder. I wanted them to be loved and well taken care of. Search no longer -- pick Tammy and Pond Creek Labs as she is a breeder who truly cares and loves these dogs!

Hilary Harvanek

Reserve your new puppy today

We are excited to be able to offer such great Labradors.  These puppies have the best heritage in the Midwest and we stand behind each of our dogs for a full two years.  We have all the paper work on them and know that you will be completely satisfied.  Click the button below to reserve your next Labrador today.

Best Silver

Timber and Chessie created the best Silver female on July 14th. After 8 weeks, what seemed like forever, we’ve had her for one week and our little B.B. 815 is part of the family. Follow her on Instagram, BB815-pondcreek-silverlab. Thanks Tammy for the fantastic experience.

Dutch Hinck

Pond Creek Labradors is the answer!

​Tammy is truly the best! From day one she was beyond informative and helpful. After researching countless breeders, we're so happy we found Pond Creek Labradors. It's clear that Tammy loves what she does and it shows in every puppy she raises. We were blown away by the facilities and loved getting to meet all of her adult dogs. I can't say enough about Tammy and our experience. If you're looking for the very best, Pond Creek Labradors is your answer.

Morgan Webber

Beautiful Dogs!

We absolutely love Tammy. Her liters are so beautiful. We bought a puppy from her November liter and came back for a second puppy from her March liter. Our dogs are beautiful, and very laid back! Our three children adore these puppies. We are in love with our dogs, Bailey and Sky! Thank you again Tammy:)

Kristen Steiner

Great Communication!

​We could not have been more impressed from my first email to Tammy and with every text and conversation that followed. She is thorough, timely and supportive. She knew just what to ask to help us find our perfect pup Baker, and was available for questions after we brought him home.

Julie Shelton

Honest and Straightforward

Pond creek was absolutely perfect for us. Tammy answers all questions and is honest and straightforward. She cares about each and everyone dog of hers. Her land is beautiful and well taken care of. She checks up on the pups and truly wants he best for them. We love Walter and are so excited to have him!!!

Cait Richards-Tabor

Love these Dogs!

Tammy is absolutely wonderful! I cannot say enough great things about Pond Creek Labradors. Her dogs are all so well loved and taken care of, she answers all of the questions you might have, follows-up to make sure your pups are doing well after they go home, and sends pictures of your sweet puppies until it is time to bring them home. We love our charcoal and silver so much! Thank you so much for all you do, Tammy.

Brittany Lynn

Honest and Straightforward

We just love our Pond Creek Pup!!! After losing our lab of 12+ years we kept with Pond Creek for a year and when we were ready we reached out and brought a beautiful champagne puppy three weeks ago. Penny is smart, loving, healthy, not to mention gorgeous. Tammy has continued to follow up with us to see how she doing and is a wonderful resource. Tammy is passionate about what she does and loves these puppies. I would absolutely recommend Pond Creek to anyone considering adding a furry friend to their family. ❤️

Mary Craig DeFalco

Love these Dogs!

We had and continue to have such a great experience with Tammy! From the moment our puppy was born she was sending us pictures and filling us in on everything going on in her life. She is extremely knowledgable about the breed and answered any questions we had quickly and thoroughly before picking our puppy up. She is a very genuine person; you can tell she really cares not only about her puppies and her other labs but the families her puppies go to as well. It's been 2 months (April 2017) since we have picked up our Remi and we still talk to Tammy frequently. She loves to check in on her to see how she is doing and loves to see pictures of her baby growing up! I would 100% recommend Pond Creek Labradors for anyone looking for a lab puppy. Our 11 hour round trip was completely worth it!

Alysha Weeter

Reserve your new puppy today

We are excited to be able to offer such great Labradors.  These puppies have the best heritage in the Midwest and we stand behind each of our dogs for a full two years.  We have all the paper work on them and know that you will be completely satisfied.  Click the button below to reserve your next Labrador today.